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Water Damage Testimonials

We contacted SERVPRO of Inglewood (Johnson) in the midst of a nightmare. I was frantic, but Johnson reassured me that he would handle everything; he asked me to meet him at the property and let me assess the damage. I will work with the insurance company to take care of this.

The process was just as he stated, seamless, and in a professional manner; he kept me updated with everything he was doing and his interaction with my adjuster at the insurance company.

I wholeheartedly recommend Johnson and his SERVPRO of Inglewood to anyone who experiences water damage or any other services that SERVPRO professionally offers.

Johnson is kind and very friendly. Unfortunately, we had to deal with (Johnson) SERVPRO for three different claims within four months, and Johnson was there each time we needed his services. I am so grateful for Johnson. He was reliable each time.
Thank you,

We had water and mold damage in our home and we contacted SERVPRO of Inglewood. Mr. Johnson and his team came out and dried up all the water and took care of the mold. Mr. Johnson is very professional. He and his team are kind and they will answer all your questions and get the work done and completed for you. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Inglewood. I gave them five stars because of their professionalism. Mr. Johnson is very honest and can be trusted and he will get the work done. I highly recommend him for all your water damage and mold needs.

It is a blessing to have dependable help in times of need. SERVPRO of Inglewood was at my house on very short notice. My house was a mess, and they helped immediately to prevent further destruction, along with cleaning and restoration. They helped me with the initial insurance process. It is tough to find reliable, professional and courteous help nowadays! Thank you, SERVPRO of Inglewood ??

Everyone at SERVPRO of Inglewood was a pleasure to deal with. They were very patient and understanding of the situation as a first-time home owner. They were very professional and did a great job removing the water damage from my garage. The total cost of the project was very close to the initial estimate, which was greatly appreciated. They were excellent coordinating with my homeowner's insurance. Highly recommended.